The CORE’s Of A Pied-A-Terre Successful Remodel

Any remodeling projects involve lots of moving parts. Whether it’s your first or fifth renovation ever, you may always find your home improvement difficult to manage. This is not necessarily a bad thing; every remodels is not without challenges, so it is perfectly natural to struggle a little bit to plan everything.

Home Management

If you hire a competent remodeler, expect things to go smoothly because of two things: scope and schedule. VivoDomi explains further.


The project scope provides the blueprint for your renovation. This document or set of documents contains all the information about your project. It should detail the objectives, sequences, materials, permit requirements and budget considerations.

There is no universal format for project scopes, but a trustworthy remodeling contractor will ensure that every aspect of the renovation is detailed and clear. Your project scope may be included in the contract or part of a separate document.

Since a good project scope eliminates guesswork significantly or completely, you should clarify whatever concerns you may have with your contractor. The rule of thumb is not to sign the contract until you understand everything. Otherwise, you may not receive what you expect or fall victim to a scam.


Not being able to keep track of your project is one of the major stressors associated with lengthy projects like kitchen remodeling. It is not enough to have start and completion dates. You should be given a production calendar, highlighting milestones that represent progress.

Make no mistake about it, no renovation schedules are absolutely rigid. Delay is sometimes inevitable due to numerous variables such as inclement weather conditions and unpredictable backorders. Nevertheless, you should use your project’s timetable to set staggered payments to incentivize your contractor to finish the job on time.

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