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We provide a range of premium services to ultra-high-net-worth individuals and their families, designed to offer peace of mind and support for any stage of life, whether they are in or out of New York. Our services include:

Luxury Pied-a-Terre Management

Luxury Pied-a-Terre Management is for clients who want a long-term relationship with our team and require regular care and maintenance of their Pied-a-Terre. Our trusted Resident Concierge solution saves clients time and stress by overseeing the property, conducting weekly monitoring, taking care of emergency maintenance, managing mail and packages, providing cleaning staff, managing utility suppliers, and offering a detailed monthly statement of costs.

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Your Investment Is Safe

With ViVODOMi Concierge, you can rest assured that your Pied-À-Terre investment will remain secure, even when you’re away on a long-term sabbatical overseas or living in your full-time residence.

Personal Inspection

Our Residence Concierge will personally inspect your property every week, providing you with detailed reports and photographs to keep you informed about its condition and any necessary repairs.


We take confidentiality and trust seriously, and we have created NDAs tailored to our clientele, which can be utilized or we can utilize our clients’ NDA’s as well.

Emergency Maintenance

Trust the Residence Concierge to handle all emergency maintenance issues, giving you peace of mind knowing that your home, including your valuable art collection and prized possessions, are in good hands.

Monthly Statement

From managing mail and packages to overseeing cleaning staff, utility suppliers, and weekly maintenance vendors, our Residence Concierge will ensure that all home-related maintenance expenses are taken care of and provide you with accurate invoices for services rendered. You’ll receive a detailed monthly statement of costs for your records.

Luxury Pied-A-Terre Preparation

Luxury Pied-A-Terre Preparation is ideal for clients who are transitioning to New York and require their recently purchased Pied-a-Terre to be set up to their specifications before they arrive. Our Pied-A-Terre Preparation Service includes vendor management, audio/video or artwork installation, local service provider recommendations, and package review and tracking.

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Management Of The Move

With our Pied-A-Terre Preparation Service, we handle all aspects of your relocation process, including unpacking, utility transfers, and change of address. Say goodbye to relocation stress and let us make your move seamless.

Vendor Management

Our Vendor Management service ensures quality standards and cost control for any service providers you may need. We handle everything from scope development to scheduling and oversight, so you can focus on settling into your new home.

Provide A List Of Services

Need help with audio/video or artwork installation? Looking for trusted home service providers? Our team at ViVODOMi can recommend local vendors and provide you with a comprehensive compendium of services to make your life easier.

Package Management

Sit back and relax while we receive all your mail and packages. With our one-on-one support, we’ll help you review your packages and track any returns. Plus, we’ll take care of returning any packages you’re not satisfied with.

Furniture Delivery Service

We also provide furniture inspection and delivery services. Our warehouse team will receive and inspect your furniture, ensuring it arrives at your home in pristine condition. Say goodbye to the hassle of furniture logistics with ViVODOMi.

Luxury Renovation Management

Luxury Renovation Management is a project-based service for clients looking to renovate their New York Pied-a-Terre but lack the time or resources to manage it themselves. Our Renovation Manager Solution handles the day-to-day responsibilities of the renovation project, including vendor management, budgeting and planning, working with architects and contractors, and managing potential risks and liabilities.

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Renovation Manager

Our Renovation Manager is your dedicated project coordinator, managing every aspect of your home renovation to ensure a successful outcome.

Call support

Enjoy peace of mind with our 24/7 call support, covering a wide range of activities, including expert vendor management, budgeting, and project planning.

Cooperation with designers

Our Renovation Manager works closely with your architects, contractors, and designers to deliver a renovation that meets your expectations and stays within budget.

Risk Management

With our Risk Management service, you can trust that we’ll manage vendors and contracts with your best interests in mind, and take care of any potential property-related liabilities or risks.

Luxury Concierge Services

Our Ala Carte luxury concierge services are for clients who require a trusted assistant and project adviser relationship located in New York to handle personal, business, and client tasks while they are out of town. Our hourly concierge solution allows clients to pay for only what they need without any memberships, fees, or annual contracts. Our concierge service can handle mundane day-to-day tasks, allowing clients to focus on what’s most important. Our clients include Art Dealers & Advisors, High-End Real Estate Brokers, Celebrity Public Relations Firms, Family Offices, and Wealth Business Managers.

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Hourly Concierge

Our flexible and efficient hourly concierge solution provides clients with a customizable approach to their unique needs, ensuring they only pay for the services they require.

Without Contracts

Say goodbye to unnecessary costs and commitments with our on-demand concierge solution – no memberships, fees, or annual contracts required. Enjoy the benefits of a dedicated concierge or personal assistant without the heavy investment.

Professional Concierge Service

Streamline your daily routine and reclaim your time with our reliable and professional concierge service. Let us handle your never-ending to-do list, whether it’s on a weekly schedule or a one-time basis, so you can focus on what truly matters.