Should You Hire a Home Watch Service? Read This to Find Out

Are you away from your home for long periods of time? Do you have a second or third home that you only use occasionally? And when you are away, do you worry about your home(s)? Hiring the services of a home watch company can make all your worries go away.

Every homeowner wants to ensure that their property is safe and secure. For instance, when you go on a vacation with your family, chances are you inform a dependable neighbor of your departure and request them to keep an eye out on your place. But simply locking the doors and relying on a neighbor, who may often be busy throughout the day, to keep watch may not be the best way to protect your home. Why? Because this does not give you any information about what is going on inside. Maybe the water heater is leaking or the refrigerator stopped working. Maybe your air conditioner needs to be repaired. These are services only a home watch company can provide.

Here are a few reasons why you should hire a home watch service:

    1. Enjoy peace of mind even when you are away.

When you are away from your home, you definitely don’t expect anything bad to happen. But that doesn’t guarantee that a problem (or two) will not occur. Hiring a home watch service such as ViVODOMi minimizes that risk. For instance, if there is a water leak, the home watch company will get the necessary repairs done to prevent further damage.

    1. Your home insurance may require you to hire a home watch company.

Some home insurance companies require you to have someone watch your home when you are away. And no, your neighbor doesn’t count. In case of any damage to your vacant home, the home watch company can submit the required proof so that your insurance claim isn’t denied.

    1. Address faulty appliances and electrical systems.

Imagine leaving your home for a few weeks in mind, only to come home and realize that your air conditioner doesn’t work anymore. Failed appliances, faulty wiring, and broken electrical systems are far too common in vacant homes. Having a professional home watch company means you can get all these problems sorted, even before you are back, in the most convenient and timely manner.

    1. Take care of pest infestation.

When you come back home after a long holiday or go to your second home for a quick getaway, the last thing you would want is to be greeted by a pest infestation. A home watch service knows the warning signs to look out for so that any infestation can be quickly identified and eliminated.

If you are away or have a pied-à-terre in the city, get in touch with us for the best home care services in New York City. We have a team of skilled and experienced professionals who are committed to protecting your investment so that you can be concern-free.