Senior Concierge Services & White Glove Movers in NYC: Make The Move More Senior-Friendly

Whether you are someone helping a senior-loved one move from a care home or an older adult planning a new shift, moving brings major responsibilities. With the pandemic further adding new implications and posing health risks, you need to consider many aspects apart from moving the stuff. This blog will discuss some of the tips and topics you need to consider before getting on with the move:

    • Deciding the time to move

Timing is crucial. Moving comes with many changes- from lifestyle, routine to location and climates. Plus, if you need to assist your senior family member, make sure to have the entire day planned for the move.

    • Recognizing when to downsize

Downsizing is probably the most challenging part of moving. One day when you couldn’t find enough space to keep your stuff along with your kids in your house, it becomes difficult to move from one part of the house to another. Your kids have left, and now the entire house is left to yourself. If you find it challenging to keep up with its maintenance or clean too many vacant rooms, it’s probably time for you to consider moving.

    • Talking to your senior loved ones

This is for those who have seniors under their care. Whether your older loved one has dementia, Alzheimer’s, or mobility issues, talking to them about the move is necessary. Seniors are more likely to get emotionally attached to the comfort and familiarity of the space. The longer they have spent in a particular house, the fonder the memories are. As a caregiver and close member, you need to approach the situation with compassion and comfort.


    • Smart packing

Compartmentalize every item based on the level of need and frequency of use. Make sure to pack lighter and heavier options separately. Keep the medicine, toiletries, toothbrush, toothpaste, a pair of fresh clothes, and undergarments separately in a different bag for convenience and easy access.

    • Get rid of unwanted items

If you have been staying at a place for long, chances are you have collected many items that you longer use over the years. Have a backyard sale or donate all of your old and unwanted stuff.

    • Hire a reliable NYC white glove movers service company

You will be surprised by the amount of stress and load you take off your shoulder with experienced white glove movers for your NYC move. Amateur movers are less likely to care for your belongings. Apart from saving your back, they take care of packing from end-to-end while making the entire process stress-free.

    • Ensure proper safety with all covid-19 essentials

Mask, sanitizer, gloves, and disinfectant lotion is a must. Have vaccination reports and other testing results in hand if your move requires inter-state transport. Ensure that the new space is entirely deep cleaned and sanitized before you move in your senior.

    • Connect with a reputed senior concierge services

Seeking assistance with reputed senior concierge services can take an immense load off your shoulders. From running personal errands to complete home management and maintenance, the array of services under senior concierge services bring nothing but comfortable and fruitful living.

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