NY Senior Part-Time Assistant


We understand Seniors have busy lives but can get lost with technology changing so fast in today’s world. We know they might need an assistant to help but not on a full-time basis. Sometimes they need an assistant for a few hours a week to help keep you organized an hour or two a day.  

At ViVODOMi, This service specializes in part-time assisting Seniors because their needs are often not the same as our NY On-demand service. We customize our Senior Part-Time Assistant service based on your individual needs.

Our Senior Part-Time Assistant Membership package is ideal for:

  • Managing Calendar Appointments 
  • Research Request 
  • Helping with Home Television Technical Issues 
  • Personal Shopping & Grocery Shopping 
  • Returns & Exchanges
  • Service & Doctor Appointment Coordination
  • DMV Registration & Passport Renewal 
  • Dry Cleaning Pickup
  • Travel Coordination and Booking
  • Theatre Tickets
  • Hotel and Dinner Reservations
  • Holiday Tree Delivery & Decorating
  • Gift Purchasing 

Hand over your “to-do list.” Consider it done!

If you want to discuss your specific assistant needs with us, please go straight to our contact form and send us a message. We will respond within a window of one hour to discuss options with you.