Home Management Q&A

Owner Questions

I own an apartment, but I use it as a Pied-A-Terre. How could I benefit from the services of ViVODOMi Home Management Membership?

When you are not living in the residence full-time, maintenance and repair issues can arise, and expense payments to contractor, and staff are still required. When you are not using the property, we routinely check the residence to ensure no issues, such as leaks or electrical issues, have arisen to ensure there are no surprises awaiting your arrival and to mitigate any additional damage that may occur from an incident. Take look at our home check list page for more details.

What’s your fee structure?

We offer a variety of services, and the fee structure varies depending on the services you have with us.

  • On-Demand Concierge services fees are due at the time service is requested, and your expenses will be invoiced at the end of the service for payment.
  • Home Management members pay their membership fee quarterly, and their expenses are billed monthly. Capital home improvement projects require down payments before contractors began work.
  • Relocation Management services payments are due before work begins, including estimated expenses.

For pricing on services and Memberships, go to our contact us page or submit a request on our Request Service page.

What is the difference between ViVODOMi Home Management Membership and the management company that manages my building?

Your building’s management company will handle the affairs of the overall building; however, they do not deal with the needs of your individual apartment. You, as the unit owner, are responsible for apartment upkeep, expense payments to vendors, and all issues that arise within your apartment (even in cases of fires, floods, or other incidents that may have affected, but did not initiate in your apartment). ViVODOMi Personal Residence Concierge takes over all of these responsibilities for you.

Who can benefit from the services of ViVODOMi Home Management Membership?

Our services are designed to aid foreign, out of state, and local homeowners that own real estate properties, but do not have the time to oversee the daily operation of their home. Anyone who wants to take advantage of the numerous benefits of New York home ownership but is not in the position to oversee the day-to-day affairs can benefit from our services.

What are the typical expenses you pay behalf of the owner?

Typically, we pay maintenance bills, However, if additional items are requested, we would be happy to pay those as well.

Do you seek approval of expenses paid by ViVODOMi on my behalf?

Yes, we will seek approval to pay all expenses that are not pre-approved by you.

I would like to speak with some of your current clients. Can you provide references?

Yes, we would be happy to provide references upon request.

Do you work with building developments to supply in house Concierge full-time in their building?

We do not currently provide this service. However, in some cases, the building developer has connected us to their high-level residents to use our service personally if the building doesn’t offer an in house concierge


If you want to discuss your specific needs with us, please go straight to our contact form and send us a message. We will respond within a window of one hour to discuss options with you.