Employee Perk Solution

The ultimate Employee Perk tailored to your employees’ travel, lifestyle and business needs.

VIVODOMI Employee Perk provides businesses with an unrivaled employee benefit and business advantage. We’ve designed VIVODOMI Employee Perk for organizations looking to foster employee retention and establish an enviable company culture. Authorized employees will have access to a dedicated team of concierges that will assist employees with requests such as: travel, dining, entertainment, retail, home and family.

Our team works hand-in-hand with personal assistants to ensure that all the bases are covered at home, away and en-route. Strong experience in the travel, dining and retail industries allow individuals to use VIVODOMI Employee Perk for both personal and business needs. From a dog walker during a business trip, flowers for an anniversary, to a power lunch reservation in Midtown Manhattan, VIVODOMI provides inimitable lifestyle and business support.

If you want to discuss your specific needs with us, please go straight to our contact form and send us a message. We will respond within a window of one hour to discuss options with you.